Join the PBS in-house design team as a full time senior graphic designer

Work directly with department heads under the supervision of the creative director to facilitate branding guidelines

Create award-winning design for the entire PBS network and enjoy learning more about branding than ever before




The Treatment:

Dr. Moyo preserved the cleanliness of the brand but added another layer.

By creating a multi level brand, Reveal MedSpa was able to take advantage of a variety of design angels and create a fluid brand flow!



Reveal MedSpa See You Brand

Reveal MedSpa Branding Colors

Reveal MedSpa Team Member Business Card

Reveal MedSpa T-Shirt Series

Much More To Come!!!

The Result:

The new Reveal MedSpa brand created dept and inspiration for the entire Reveal origination!

I am not a doctor, but I play one on this website!

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